CharactHER is a selection of printed digital artworks that bring forth female characters from the game development industry in an attempt to inspire the mind and nurture the soul.

It opens up our storytelling appetite as we imagine worlds with unique women, free from fear, empowered to express themselves and follow their paths.

Each artwork stands to facilitate a conversation around female characters’ roles in an industry that reaches millions of people.


Promoting diversity and equality in the video game industry.

Strengthening the links and visibility of underrepresented groups in the Romanian gaming scene.

Creating platforms that bring forth the topic of diversity.


We nurtured this project in partnership with:


We’ve reached over 2400 people, raising awareness regarding the misrepresentation of female game developers, characters, and pro gamers.

Clujotornic Visitors



 Dev Play Conference Visitors



CharactHER at CLUJOTRONIC and Dev.Play

The exhibition fit very well into the festival’s theme and complimented the “Games and Politics” exhibition, which provided the core of our gaming content this year, in a meaningful way.‘ – Ingo Tegge, Director GOETHE-ZENTRUM KLAUSENBURG

During the three days of Clujotronic and the two days of DevPlay, diverse groups, including honorary consuls, game devs, artists, journalists, and university and high school students, received guided tours and invested the time to discover the unique content. The “CharactHER” exhibition sparked many exciting discussions regarding the under- and misrepresentation of female game devs, characters, and pro gamers. Which will be addressed with a dedicated Diversity Game Jam: ‘In Search of a Heroine