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Welcome to Echo Hub, where the future of non-formal education meets today’s most exciting creative careers. We connect you with industry experts for an accessible, safe, and tailored mentorship experience.


What is Echo Hub?

A community ready to empower you through a series of hybrid activities:

  • Exploratory visits in local studios and companies
  • Boot camps
  • Mentorship


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Development Manager


Art Director


Product Manager


DevQA Project Manager


Game Director




Narrative Designer


UX designer


Creative Director
Concept Artist (2D Artist)


UI Artist


3D Artist




VFX Artist


Tech Artist
Music Composer


Sound Designer


Audio Programmer
Mobile programmer


Web developer


Console programmer


Server Engineer


Build Engineer


DevOps Engineer
Game tester


DevQA tester


Automation Tester


QA Lead


QA Project Coordinator


QA Build Engineer
Game Economy Designer


Data Analyst
Community manager/ moderator




Social media specialist


Marketing Director


They help us by providing precious insights in dedicated alternative education workshops and trainings.

Ionuț Schmidt

UX Designer

Eda Mologani

UX Guild Lead

Gabriel Stancu

Executive Producer

Andreea Ungureanu

Narrative Designer

Olga Ciob

Concept Artist

Ionut-Gabriel Solomon

Creative Director

Giani Cojan

Art Director

Eduard CG

Game Designer

Andrei Irimia

Level Designer

Other Industries






When I first found out about Echo Hub, I was amazed: a place where students interested in video games can find mentors and embark on special journeys to discovery, all for free. It seemed like a dream come true, and it certainly lived up to my expectations. With the help of this innovative project, I can say not only that I have gained more knowledge about this new field in a pleasant and welcoming environment, but I have also grown personally. I had the opportunity to see on my own what it was like to make my own schedule, communicate with new people, and create a study routine that would most likely help me in the future, either for school or for work. or just for everyday life! I truly believe that this project has the potential to help people around the world

Teodora - Bucharest, Romania

‘The Echo Hub mentoring program helped me understand the games I play much better, helping me create my own ideas. I never knew how these games were built and how much work had to be done for every detail to be perfect and intuitive for the player. I learned elements of game and level design in practical ways, analyzing known games as GTA V and doing my own projects, with the help of a very friendly and dedicated mentor. It's much easier to understand the science behind games in a digital world, using Echo Hub.’

Clelia, Mentee - Bucharest, Romania

‘So far, this mentoring program has offered me the opportunity to learn more about the field I have chosen, and I want to thank the team of this project for helping me discover a new career path.’

Dragos, Mentee - Iasi, Romania

‘Thanks to Echo, I have managed to get what I always wanted: to be guided in Game Design, knowing that the games I played meant everything to me, and I would also like to make games that would inspire another generation of children. Thanks to Echo and my mentor, I discovered how creative I am.’

Ioana, Mentee - Bucharest, Romania

At the beginning of the program, game development seemed like something unattainable, a dream. However, this program showed me that the dream was closer than I expected. With hard work I moved forward and I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity I had,  to learn so much about this field. After completing the mentoring program I can say it was super cool. Actually it was AMAZIIING! I’ve learned so many new things, and got to know some very creative and hard working people. It was a life changing opportunity and I especially send a gigantic THANK YOU! to my mentor, Scott, who guided me through so many areas of game development and shared with me a lot of precious information.

Eduard Scobioală, Mentee - Timisoara, Romania

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