Augmented Reality Video Games Art Gallery

An interactive exhibition showcasing the evolution of 3D artworks in the video games

Augmented Reality Video Games Art Gallery

Bucharest, June 10th-13th, 2021

We created an interactive exhibition showcased during RADAR, the Temporary New Media Art Museum at ROMAERO. In the 3 days of this festival, we offered a sneak peak of the evolution of 3D artworks from the video games released by the Romanian independent developer, Amber. 

Being present at this edition of RADAR, we had the honor to be part of the complex mechanism that unveiled Romanian new media art installations. 

Our presence was made possible by the partnership with Amber as we introduced the world’s first Augmented Reality Art Showcase dedicated exclusively to the artwork of video games.

The curated game art was brought to life with 3D scenes from some of the most beloved Amber video games, such as PositronX, Rumble Heroes, Link Twin, and two yet-to-be-released projects that the visitors could see for the first time.

Everything was made possible through the realm of augmented reality, using tablets as the medium, after scanning the QR codes for each piece. 

Amber is a game development agency built by a collective of artisans located in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Bucharest, Botosani, Guadalajara, and Montreal. The agency delivers a reference solution for creative work in interactive entertainment. Amber is structured as a network of studios with different specializations, which retains over 650 staff around the world. Established in 2013, it earned the trust of some of the most important players in the games space, such as The Walt Disney Company, NBC Universal, Paradox, Rovio, That Game Company, and Raw Fury, among many others.

RADAR (Romanian Artists Developing Alternative Realities) is a bold initiative to support and empower the local new media art scene by providing a novel local context to bring talented upcoming artists and makers to the spotlight. Our goal is to seek out and help congregate creative studios and freelance artists that innovate in the artistic, cultural, scientific and educational fields.