DreamNA is a VR/neuro-VR experience aiming to create a compelling database of dreams in VR. If each human being has more than 1460 dreams / year, numerous patience suffering of brain tumors cannot dream anymore due to their neurological afflictions.

The Goal: To offer support in a visual artistic project set to explore dream worlds while we collect, archive, and gamify dream narratives into interactive worlds that would portray our collective unconsciousness.

Partnering with Ioana Mischie and her team, our approach was to find people with expertise in the field of level design, VR UX, tech art.

After identifying types of dreams (Healing dreams, Transformative dreams, Lucid dreams, Recurring dreams, Prophetic dreams) the team embarked in the first phase of the project, creating a prophetic dream: The Afterlife. The premise was the beautiful story of someone who dreamed an Eden-ian afterlife home.With advisers such as Rachael Newport (UX) and Alex Baia (Tech Art) the prototype of first dream was in place.

The concept has been created by transmedia artist Ioana Mischie and produced by Storyscapes, Studioset and Neo-Fi Studios.

Ioana Mischie is a Romanian-born transmedia artist (screenwriter/director) and transmedia futurist, awarded for filmmaking, cinematic virtual reality, and innovative concepts. Co-founder and Head of Storyscapes, an NGO focusing transmedia storytelling and expanded narratives initiated in 2012. Among her recent original transmedia franchises, she has created the project Government of Children (3D film, web, XR), a pioneering expanded franchise empowering children to see themselves as leaders and to redesign their society.

Studioset is a full house production studio based in Bucharest, Romania.

Noe-Fi Studios – a Bucharest-based immersive entertainment studio focussing on state of the art XR projects, neuro-gaming and transmedia franchises.

Rachael Newport is UX advocate designing engaging experiences through storytelling and player-focused design. Championing experimentation, user research, testing, and inclusive design. Using agile methodologies, design + game thinking blended approaches to unlock ideation and achieve buy-in from both teams and clients. Also, passionate about VR and the potential of immersive technologies to have a meaningful impact.