Love Lost, Bucharest 2022

Love Lost, Bucharest 2022

Love Lost, Bucharest. This project is, in all senses, a labor of love.   

 We created an experience for the local community as we invited people to participate with stories of love and loss and objects that come alive as deeply personal artifacts of those narratives. 

The exhibit featured local artists, who, through varying mediums, showcased their representations of love, loss and attachment. 

The creative workshops provided participants a better understanding of the connection between love and loss, along with a series of active techniques designed for the individual (but also collective) healing process. Each event had a creative and therapeutic character, without limitation to this. 

We immortalized our guests’ intimate emotional journey through the exhibit into a unique AI-generated digital artwork by recording the evoked emotions on each of the objects, while using the Love Lost web app. 

The exhibit memento can be minted as an NFT or destroyed forever.


SOCIAL IMPACT. This unique exhibit creates an artifact sanctuary of real-life love-and-loss stories providing a cathartic experience to both the exhibitors and visitors alike. 

With each object, visitors connect with strangers on an intimate level sharing a safe space for a communal embrace, healing, and gratitude by realizing we are not alone in our journeys. 

We offered the people of Bucharest a safe space for:

  • Self-discovery 
  • Creative expression 
  • (Re)Connection  
  • Healing 
  • Digital exploration   


Love Lost, Bucharest (May 20th – June 10th  2022) is a project of  

Arden and Strata Gallery 

Powered by Amber 
 With the support ofOveit and Avanpost  
PR strategy: Daescu Bortun Olteanu
Photos: Adi Bulboaca 
Visual Identity: Mihai Bumbu 
Media partner: RFI Romania 
Concept: Love Lost, Miami