Love Lost, Bucharest 2022

Love Lost, Bucharest 2022

Love Lost, Bucharest. This project is, in all senses, a labor of love.   

 We created an experience for the local community as we invited people to participate with stories of love and loss and objects that come alive as deeply personal artifacts of those narratives. 

The exhibit featured local artists, who, through varying mediums, showcased their representations of love, loss and attachment. 

The creative workshops provided participants a better understanding of the connection between love and loss, along with a series of active techniques designed for the individual (but also collective) healing process. Each event had a creative and therapeutic character, without limitation to this. 

We immortalized our guests’ intimate emotional journey through the exhibit into a unique AI-generated digital artwork by recording the evoked emotions on each of the objects, while using the Love Lost web app. 

The exhibit memento can be minted as an NFT or destroyed forever.


SOCIAL IMPACT. This unique exhibit creates an artifact sanctuary of real-life love-and-loss stories providing a cathartic experience to both the exhibitors and visitors alike. 

With each object, visitors connect with strangers on an intimate level sharing a safe space for a communal embrace, healing, and gratitude by realizing we are not alone in our journeys. 

We offered the people of Bucharest a safe space for:

  • Self-discovery 
  • Creative expression 
  • (Re)Connection  
  • Healing 
  • Digital exploration   

21.05 // Love, Loss and Attachment analyzed from a Transgenerational perspective with Psychotherapist Yolanda Cretescu.

Each of us carries a unique and subjective emotional imprint. The way we relate to suffering and loss today is nothing more than the expression of this unique imprint, formed in close connection with the relationship we have with our parents, the role assigned in the family and the collective subconscious of everything our ancestors experienced.

In this workshop, participants discovered together what this imprint is, what it says about them and their lives, but also how they can better cope with suffering and loss.


29.05 // Return to Yourself with Hitesh

Love and Loss are experienced at a personal level as often as through the others.

What is ‘attachment’ and how do we navigate through loss when intense attachment has been involved? In this workshop, with the help of some yogic breathing techniques and meditation participants learned simpler, healthier, and easier ways to return to themselves in times of loss, anxiety, stress, and grief.

Some Yogic tips were shared, insights that can be easily incorporated in daily routines showing us how to stay connected to ourselves in the times of sensory distractions and that of crises.


03.06 // How do we tell our story? 

In the Storytelling workshop, Iulian Tanase helped the participants discover how to find the writing subjects or how those subjects can find them, because most of the times, no matter how much we hide, ‘the writing subjects still find us.’ 

Iulian Tănase was the editor of the satirical magazines Academia Cațavencu (1997-2010) and Kamikaze (2010-2011), and producer at Radio Guerrilla, between 2004 and 2019.

He is currently a writing and storytelling trainer and producer of the RSS Reloaded podcast.


10.06 // Beyond the Sunset

Cosima Opartan / von Bülove and Paula Dunker proposed a performative workshop that relied on the beneficial power of sound accompanied by physical commitment.

The two artists and active entities in the local clubbing scene believe that letting ourselves be affected by certain frequencies in listening to music on loud sound systems while moving along together in the same time and space is conducive to the feeling of community as well as the idea of perpetuity.

Setting intentions, centering exercises & contemporary dance practices accompanied by an auditory set with healing qualities became a collective ritual against loss, for transformation.


‘We felt like home <3’

G. & S - June 2022

‘We always come back to remarkable stories. P.S. this is my second visit.’

Ana - June 2022

‘The flow of the workshops was very inspired (and inspiring). It helped to connect the dots for the whole experience.’

Valentin - June 2022

‘Keep on doing this!’

Selena - June 2022

‘I deeply thank you, from all of my heart, for this effort of bringing forth the profound and sacred of being human. Through this experience we felt and vibrated with others, discovering ourselves, finding relief. I also want to express gratitude for everyone that ‘put on display’ their souls, their experiences. It helps to discover we are not alone, it helps to value our own suffering.’

Luminita - June 2022

‘The whole experience was beautiful and everlasting. Warm hugs to everyone that shared their story.’

Katy M. - June 2022

‘I had constant goosebumps. I went through a rollercoaster of emotions, especially because I experienced the exhibit with a person that is very dear to me. This place made me remember the beautiful parts of my life.’

Ana N. - May 2022

‘I came here lost, but I leave with hope and love for myself and this life.’

Anonymous - May 2022

’An emotionally heavy exhibit, very well .’

Vlad - May 2022

’A place of hope, that inspires us TO BE.’

Anonymous - May 2022


Love Lost, Bucharest (May 20th – June 10th  2022) is a project of  

Arden and Strata Gallery 

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Photos: Adi Bulboaca 
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Media partner: RFI Romania 
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