Love Lost, Miami + Arden | Art Basel Week 2021

Love Lost, Miami + Arden | Art Basel Week 2021

Miami, Florida, December 1-4, 2021

Love Lost is an annual exhibit, that takes place in Miami, Florida, hoping to shine a spotlight on the stories of love and loss. In it, visitors encounter ordinary objects that come alive as deeply personal artifacts through their accompanying stories.

The Goal: Assist the Love Lost team in their journey with a soulful experience and promote local and international artists. 

Organized in collaboration with local curators Maral Arslanian, Paula Celestino, and Natalia Martinez-Kalinina, this year’s event was co-organized by our local team, Arden Collective and sponsored by the game development agency Amber. This exhibit was designed to lift the veil between art and life and explore the dichotomy of love and loss, resulting in a space for collective healing through the exhibit’s swirling emotional journey that is liberating and vulnerable at the same time.

It showcased a range of 30 crowdsourced real-life expressions of love, loss, ordinary artifacts, and artworks by local artists as well as a unique 3-D NFT digital piece “Of Course I Still Love You,” by Martha Mattioli from Romania’s renowned Strata Gallery.

The exhibit contained several interactive components such as the “How Do You Remember Me,” post-it wall which invited visitors to interact by writing memories to lost loved ones. The experience was curated with emotions in mind, creating a space for everything from tears to laughter.

We gifted visitors a healing meditation voiced by Maral Arslanian and produced by the main sponsor Amber, which can be accessed here.

As an additional surprise Love Lost, Miami offered a free 500 special-edition white heart sticker NFT drop to all exhibit visitors and Instagram followers powered by Airwire, an NFT first Blockchain 3.0 with multi-chain interoperability.

The exhibit was the result of a collaboration between the business and cultural partners who provided resources to make the showcase a success. Here is a list of all the local artists who exhibited or performed: Aisha Makra, Justyna Kisielewicz, Patty Suau, Kendrick Daye, Valeria Rios, Paula Sarmiento, and Elaine Defibaugh.

The opening night featured an aura photography booth sponsored by Airwire, drinks were provided by Five Drinks Co, food by 17 Restaurant and Sushi Bar, marketing and event production services by SPRK Media Group, live poetry and dance performance by The Biscayne Poet and Lazaro Godoy of GoPra Performance, naked live drawing session by Loading Festival, live music by singer and songwriter Florencia Napoli facilitated by Musicasa and location facilitated by The Vagabond Group.

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