Play for Democracy Event

Play for Democracy Event

17th of November 2023

Play for Democracy is a youth participation project project, aimed at fostering civic engagement among youth, has been making strides in developing a mobile video game that not only entertains but also advocates for democratic principles such as active participation and voting. Through a series of engaging activities and workshops, participants have been gaining valuable insights into democratic concepts in a non-formal manner, all while honing their game development skills.


The event held on November 17 marked a significant milestone for Play for Democracy. Here, the 16 participants of the program presented their game concepts and insights gathered during the camp. Organized as two independent studios, Balled Box Studio and Cyber Rebels, the teams showcased their exemplary involvement and demonstrated a remarkable learning curve.


During this event held in Bucharest, participants from across Romania, along with mentors, key stakeholders, and other young people came together to showcase the progress made in the project. The event was a testament to the exemplary involvement of the 16 participants, who presented their game concepts and shared insights gained during the camp.


Divided into two independent studios, Balled Box Studio and Cyber Rebels, the project team has been hard at work developing two innovative video games. The enthusiasm and dedication of the participants have been commendable, with their learning curve reaching new heights.


The event was not only a platform to celebrate progress but also an opportunity to reflect on the project’s impact. Discussions centered around the project’s potential to inspire active participation and voting, with participants expressing enthusiasm and engagement.


Special recognition goes to the mentors who have played a crucial role in guiding the participants throughout the project. Their continuous involvement and expertise are invaluable in shaping the project’s success.


In addition to the event, participants had the opportunity to attend a marketing workshop aimed at equipping them with the skills to promote Play for Democracy and the games once launched. Meanwhile, a group from the project visited the European Parliament Liaison Office in Bucharest, where they engaged in a simulation-based game developed by the European Parliament. This immersive experience provided valuable insights into the workings of European institutions and further underscored the importance of civic participation.


Overall, the 17th of November was a day filled with learning, collaboration, and inspiration. As we look ahead to the next phase of the project, we remain committed to empowering youth, fostering civic engagement, and creating a more inclusive and democratic society. 


Kudos to everyone involved in making #PlayForDemocracy all about innovation and civic engagement: 
Andrei-Cristian Boaje
Ana-Catalina Constantinescu
Creciunescu Bogdan 
Stefania Cristiana Dinu
Mihnea Dorobat
Cosmin-Alexandru Epure 
Cosmin Ezariu
Andrei Bogdan Gherasim
Teodor-Cristian Lutoiu
Denisa Luțic
Sorin Preda
Răzvan-Andrei Renghea
Amalia-Mădălina Rusu
Denisa Terchescu
Andrei Trifu
Andrei-Florian Toma

Mentors: Ionut-Gabriel SolomonGabriel StancuAlexandru PadureRoxana PatrascuGiani CojanTeodor IonescuStefan Podea, Andrei Paun.
Enache Flori RamonaIonuț Schmidt Eda Mologani



The Play for Democracy project is designed and implemented by Arden, with the support of its partners:Romanian Game Developers Association, Funky Citizens, Amber, AMC Ro Studio, Bucharest Gaming Week , and is funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ Program. 


*** The project is funded by the European Union through the ERASMUS+ Program. The views and opinions expressed belong solely to the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the European Union or the National Agency for Community Programs in the Field of Education and Vocational Training. Neither the European Union nor the funding authority can be held responsible for them.